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Date 22 April 2019

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Location Airfield Karaishevo, Republic of Tatarstan


Develop the main idea and corporate identity of the presentation.

Create a series of rollers to demonstrate the benefits of tires.

Develop high-tech interactive stands to demonstrate the product line.

Show the benefits of using tires for regional freight.

Come up with a business tool that allows partners to reach a new economic level.

Offer a city in Russia with developed infrastructure for organizing a presentation.

Offer a ground for demonstrating tires and venues for business and entertainment parts of the event.

The logistics of arrivals, resettlement and movement of guests at the event.

Prescribe a detailed scenario plan with a WOW effect in the climax.


The presentation of the new X MULTI ENERGY tires is the starting point for the new MICHELIN brand building phase and B2B collaboration strategy. Key message “PRO movement. The link with success «reveals» to customers what they do not yet know about the market and their own business and is aimed at solving actual business problems.
In the process of preparing the MarketEmotion identified the need not only to honestly demonstrate the benefits of owning MICHELIN tires, but also to develop a strategy for saving fleet budgets using the ARB Pro Training Institute.


We decided to take the risk of conducting tests in real time, so that customers could personally verify the reliability of the results and the benefits of tires.

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