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Date 21-24 февраля 2022 года

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Location Moscow, Technopark "Skolkovo", club "Memo"

V International Festival of Event Marketing and Communications

A task:

— Raise the level of development of the integrated communications industry in Russia

— Summing up the results of the bema award! 2022 and reward event participants


In 2022, it was decided to hold the event within 2 days instead of the usual three-day program. An important task was to gather the expert community offline on one communication platform. The decision made it possible to make the event more “alive” and dynamic.

The business program of the festival took place in the Skolkovo Technopark. The technological platform made it possible to organize a multi-hall project protection system, a discussion panel of associations and a bema! Pitch talk show in one day. The event was accompanied by an online broadcast for participants from other regions. The main focus of the event was the open defense of bema! Awards.

The official part of the festival took place in the Memo club-restaurant. The multifunctional space made it possible to hold the awards ceremony, pay attention to each winner in the interview format and hold a photo session of the winners at the same time, keeping the timing of the event.


– Thoughtful direction and cross-cutting actions at all venues during 2 days of the festival

— Open defense of the award finalists

— Technological venues for the event

- Bema.Pitch - "live presentation" of leading agencies in front of direct customers

— Discussion panels of industry representatives on the main stage and in the halls of associations

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