Cian «О, MY GOD»

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Date 18 декабря 2021 год

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Location Irri Loft

A task:

— Create a creative concept aimed at unlocking business opportunities during the pandemic season

— Organize a New Year's corporate event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cyan.

— Increase loyalty to the employer brand

— Gather all employees of the company from all over Russia together in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere


The year was not easy for all employees of the company, but very powerful in terms of business indicators. Therefore, the main task of the project was to develop the concept of the event, which would reveal the idea of new opportunities against the background of the pandemic. The name Oh, MY GOD is a play on words that supports the main idea of the event (year and god).

When creating the concept, we were inspired by the era of Antiquity and created a party of Greek gods in a modern way. Style, architecture, mythology - became the main creative idea. Here, Greek style meets digital reality and the most vivid fantasies of the dream team.

We invited Cyan employees to the modern Olympus and the most legendary open air! After all, the gods also keep pace with the times. Zeus is now the god of Wall Street, overlord of the IPO. Athena is the goddess of KPI, teamwork and achievement. HADES is the master of deadlines, the guru of edits and the king of epic fails. Here, Greek style meets digital reality and the most vivid fantasies of the dream team.

As activities, master classes with elements of team building, karaoke, and a casino were organized. As well as stylish photo zones and a musical dance floor. It turned out to be a full-fledged festival format of the event within the framework of a closed venue.

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