Atomic Oscar

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Visitors 2000

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Date 24.03.2021

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Location г.Сочи, New Wave Hall

A task:

— Organize an awards ceremony for Rosatom employees in a new format

— Maintain momentum and increase the effectiveness of the event


Atomic Oscar is a unique industrial project aimed at the loyalty program of the best employees of Rosatom. Every year since 2018, we have been increasing the effectiveness of the event with the help of original direction and taking into account the specifics of the ceremony. In 2021, the 3rd ceremony organized by us took place in the city of Sochi.

With the advent of the pandemic, it was not possible to hold the event in 2019, so it was decided to award the participants for 2 years: 1 day - 2019, 2 day - 2020. The main task is to pay attention to each of the 350 nominees, while maintaining the dynamics and interest of the audience for 2 days. The main difficulty was the parallel organization of the performance of the stars at the ceremony. To solve this problem, we used modern scenography, kinetics and machinery of the stage space. Despite the number of participants, we managed to complete the tasks and increase the effectiveness of the ceremony. During 2 days, participants could share their high achievements through communication, unleashing their creative potential and the unique atmosphere on the coast. Throughout the event, we revealed the values of the corporation through scenario and design solutions. Every detail showed the style, manufacturability and scale of Rosatom. We used the most advanced and technologically advanced solutions that emphasized the status of the corporation and united the participants with digital activities and team building elements.

The ceremony was accompanied by a special buffet line, separate fozones, a musical program from Russian pop stars and an online broadcast for other regions.

Decor elements and live musical accompaniment were used to convey a special atmosphere. The venue was decorated with art objects, and the buffet line was organized in the style of a Greek-Roman feast.

As activities, master classes with elements of team building, karaoke, and a casino were organized. As well as stylish photo zones and a musical dance floor. It turned out to be a full-fledged festival format of the event within the framework of a closed venue.

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