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Date 22 December 2018

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Location Main Stage, Москва


Conducting a New Year's event in a conceptually new format with an emphasis on gamification, bringing together employees from different departments.


Creation of a unique Las Ligas space: company employees became guests of the New Year’s casino with the opportunity to earn game currency and make themselves known on stage in special activities and show rooms.


Preparation of production numbers with employees.

Preliminary immersion of employees in the concept using the landing page and the game “Who is who” (employees had to guess in what images their colleagues would appear on the stage).

The unique design of the space - welcome, game zone, photo zones, stage.

Game chips and currency in event branding.

The unified musical and visual style of all the characters of the event - from hostesses to artists.

A gaming zone with many gambling activities with the ability to earn event currency.

A comic zone "registry office", where guests could get married under the leadership of Elvis Presley.

Organization of live broadcasting and inclusion from various areas.

Attraction on the stage “Money to the wind” - for the winners of the game “Who is Who” and the lottery for tear-off ticket roots.

Auction - it was possible to unite departments, add up earned game currency and get valuable lots.

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