ZOOM festival

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Visitors 8500

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Date 17 September 2020

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Location Customized online platform

ZOOM festival

A large-scale three-day training conference for RESO-Garantia agents from 214 branches from all regions of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Individual customer journey map

We have developed an online platform for the event. All participants registered in advance and made up a personal training schedule for themselves according to their priorities. Result — 19587 entries for training sessions.

Q&A session with top management

8,300 users simultaneously watched the broadcast of the round table. The heads of the company spoke about the results for the reporting period, outlined the vector of development and even answered tricky questions from the audience.

63 trainings at ZOOM

Over three days, 63 trainings were held in the format of 10 simultaneous sessions. The maximum number of participants is 1224 at a time. The support was provided by the Zoom staff.

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