The ceremony "Man of the year"

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Visitors 1200

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Date 25 April 2018

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Location Russian Army Theater


Developing and conducting 5th annual award ceremony “Rosatom: Man of the year”. New concept of the ceremony – less time, more entertainment.


Conducting the ceremony on the biggest stage in Europe with the participation of top professionals of directing in Russia.


Installation of sliding screens on the stage for discreet resetting of technical rider for bands. It saved time for more than an hour.

Steps along the whole length of stage to quicken going out onto a stage and going back to the seat for award winners.

On the stage the winners got only the individual trophies. The rest prizes were given out in the lobby. The awarding was conducted in a format: “Diploma-Award-Interview” depending on a location.

In group nominations solely the top managers and executives came up to the stage for the award.

Musical performances by Fabrika, Serebro, Moralniy Codex, Maxim Leonidov.

One of the top Russian hosts, Yana Churikova and Timur Soloviev, led the event.

Dance performance by "Todes".

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