Russian Rodeo 2017

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Visitors 4500

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Date 9 September 2017

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Location Ferma «Ledenevo», Bryansk region


Create a concept and organize the biggest “family day style” Rodeo in Russia for employees of Agribusiness company “Miratorg”. The event was held in one of the company`s farms in the Bryansk region. Enhance the prestige of work in agricultural sector. Organization with a focus on eco-friendly approach due to the year of ecology in Russia.


Activities for the target audience which reflect every process conducted in the corporation, from field to market counter.

A makeover of team members taking part in the Rodeo: from stockbreeders to cowboys.

Well thought out logistics – 5000 visitors of all ages.


Development of corporate style and creating outfits for team participants;

Shooting teams` greeting videos;

Creating a mechanics of judging and inviting experts to the judge panel;

Product integration in dining areas and cooking workshops led by top Russian chefs;

Production and design of souvenirs for eco-friendly cooking;

Eco-décor: craft, wood, hay;

Waste sorting and further processing;

Entertainment for children “Agro Kidzania”;

Nap tent for kids;

Aerostat as a huge art object;

Air show;


Another projects



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