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Visitors 7000

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Date 7 September 2019

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Location Ledenevo Ranch, Bryansk region


Create a concept and organize the biggest «family day style» Rodeo in Russia for employees of Agribusiness company «Miratorg». The event was held in one of the company`s farms in the Bryansk region. Enhance the prestige of work in agricultural sector. Organization with a focus on eco-friendly approach due to the year of ecology in Russia.


Activities for the target audience which reflect every process conducted in the corporation, from field to market counter.

A makeover of team members taking part in the Rodeo: from stockbreeders to cowboys.

Well thought out logistics — 5000 visitors of all ages.


The event’s main characters are the Russian cowboys, employees of Miratorg. Each team’s unique style works to reinforce this cowboy imagery. We intensified our work with rodeo participants, placing greater emphasis on the sports component, and held the following events:

• Qualifying championships for the 12 teams competing for the right to enter the finals, which was our first time engaging the teams before the main event.

• Filming for a commercial to present each team and player (in the style of soccer cards) to broadcast on the big screen and social networks.

• Produced by the show’s director rehearsed performances set to music for each team.

• Fittings to create stylish, branded designer uniforms for the rodeo teams, and we manufactured exclusive accessories. We also ordered real cowboy jeans from the USA so that the image would look as accurate as possible.

For the 6th rodeo, we organized even more activities for audiences of all ages. In addition to traditional entertainment, photo zones and master classes, we have added fun, new locations:

• The Tribal Village. Wigwams, an interactive program and workshops given by animators in Native American-style outfits, as well as traditional Russian activities like coin minting, horovod (round dancing) and a game for children called «Lasso the Bull», where the bulls are art installations made of birch trunks.

• A unique career guidance section for children called «From the Field to the Store» takes children through all the production cycles of Miratorg Holding in a playful way, from working with the land and harvesting to selling and cooking.

• Kid’s Track for mini-tractor competitions.

• Interactive air show and workshops on how to build, design and fly kites.

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