Evening show. League of Betting

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Visitors 350

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Date 24 December 2020

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Location Customized Online Platform


- To entertain and cheer up the employees

- Recall pleasant moments of the year and company projects

- Reflect the results for further motivation

- To thank colleagues and inspire new achievements


For the "Evening Show", we deployed a studio in the office of "League Betting" to emphasize the connection of employees with the employer's brand.

Our task was to make the set-up and decor on the level of professional TV studios. The event platform was Facecast with a stylized broadcast window, chat room for audience interaction and polling.

Advance engagement:

Company employees authored content for the program headings and participated in creative activities.

We also developed AR masks for Instagram for preliminary engagement.

Interactive Broadcast Scenario:

Event participants influenced the course of the program through interactive voting. Before each block, there was a poll,

in which viewers chose the next studio guest, rubric, or commercial to air.


It was important to involve teams from all parts of the company in the program. Employees, their children and top management participated in the humorous and creative rubrics. The entire program was accompanied by a dynamic DJ set.

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