Moscow entrepreneurs day

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Visitors 5700

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Date 30 May 2018

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Location State Kremlin Palace


Enhance confidence between small/medium-sized businesses and Moscow administration.


Conducting an event of entertaining/businesslike nature in terms of Moscow week of entrepreneurship. Develop a unique concert program with a creative scenario based on the involvement of guests into the show.


Event format “Evening Mayor” by analogy with late night television show “Evening Urgant”;

Live talk between the host Ivan Urgant and invited performers, guests and mayor;

The opening show which reflects the concept of interaction “city – entrepreneur”;

Networking area in the lobby; Contact market; Digital photo zone “Magazine cover”;

Insta printers for immediate photo printing;

Networking service MeYou;

Catering for 5700 people;

DJ at the entrance area;

Performance of «Max&Sax»;

Live music performances: Therr Maitz, Grigoriy Leps, ELKA, Alexander Marshall, Fabrika, Gorod 312, Nyusha.

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Pravdy str., b. 24-2a, Moscow

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