Battle in Berlin

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Visitors 8000

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Date 23 April 2017

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Location Patriot Park


Brand positioning of the “Synergy” university as a big player in the market of education.


Introduction to history for young generation through interactive format of presenting the information. Creating public awareness about the history of the country.

Building partnership with governmental bodies.

Reenacting the battle is a format which helps to feel yourself in the center if the event to see and understand history with your own eyes. Digital involvement provides an opportunity to influence on the emotions of the young generation –people who are used to getting information with the help of visuals and technology.

Organizing the historical reenactment in a real military facility – site of “Patriot” park with the presence of country leaders.


Every element on the site reflected The War period: military uniform of organizers, actors and volunteers;

Machines, music,mobile kitchen trailers, activities;

The reenacting show included 1640 people from 112 military-patriotic clubs from 11 countries and 800 stuntmen led by Igor Panin;

Organization of tented camp for participants from other countries;

There were used in the field: 50 military vehicles, 20 000 blanks and a few tons of pyrotechnics, unique decorations;

Attracting the audience: 4780 pupils from 132 Moscow schools;

1000 students;

300 VIP guests;

100 veterans;

Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation;

17 generals.

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